Advice for Entrepreneurs

from Lee Tabas

Lee Tabas

As a banker for more than 30 years, I have some credentials to provide advice. First, don’t underestimate the value of having a business plan for what you want to do. It is a good mental exercise for you; you can show it to others and “two heads are better than one”.  If you are seeking funding, make sure that you  spell check the plan. Length is not an advantage in a small business plan. 10 pages maximum- busy people don’t have time to wade through duplication and statistics that you copied from the internet. Make it concise.

Don’t skimp- have an accountant or MBA or other financially capable person help you put numbers to what you are doing. What financiers look for is someone who can “do numbers”. It does not have to be you, but you have to have access to someone who can do it.

Here are sources of funding in order of desirability:

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