Banking Expert Witness Case Study-Philadelphia

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Banker/Borrower Lawsuit

The economy is good now, and bank loan portfolios are very clean, but in a year or three, we will see defaults begin to happen, and along with them, lawsuits.  In some cases, banks may obligate themselves to provide funding, then try to renege on the balance of funds when they see a deal going bad.  Many times, borrowers will be looking for someone to blame when their deal went bad, and the bank will be a convenient deep pocket.  In either case, there will be a need for counsel to represent plaintiffs and defendants.  Lee Tabas is available to help as an expert or consultant.


Law Firm Engaged Banking Expert Lee Tabas

Lee Tabas does believe that banks have a fiduciary duty to their “salt of the earth” customers. For the basics, banks must put their customers’ interests above their own. We will see continued reinforcement of that position going forward.

Lee Tabas is available as an expert witness in banking and business litigation matters. In 30 years of banking, as well as life experience, he has experienced a variety of banking and financial related lawsuits. Lee Tabas went from trainee to bank president. Under his leadership, Royal Bank of Pennsylvania (acquired by Bryn Mawr Trust in 2017) grew from $20 million in assets to $500 million.  He has testified many times in court, and is able to communicate and explain banking procedures and concepts in simple terms. Lee Tabas can be reached at 610-896-2400.