Lee Tabas Banking Expert Witness



Lee Tabas is available as an expert witness in banking and business litigation matters.

In 30 years of banking, as well as life experience, he has experienced a variety of banking and financial related lawsuits. Lee Tabas went from trainee to bank president. Under his leadership, Royal Bank of Pennsylvania (acquired by Bryn Mawr Trust in 2017) grew from $20 million in assets to $500 million.  He has testified many times in court, and is able to communicate and explain banking procedures and concepts in simple terms. Here are three reasons that you might consider using Lee Tabas as an expert in your legal matter:

People pay attention to what expert Witnesses and Lee Tabas in particular has to say. Testimony from an expert witness almost always helps represent the fact in an accurate, clear way that those present or reading the transcript will understand. Lee Tabas speaks deliberately and does not often mis-speak when challenged by opposing counsel. His expert witness testimony is convincing and persuasive and generally gets through to the judge, mediator, or jury.

Lee Tabas as an expert witness can and does prompt settlements. If the ultimate goal of legal proceedings is to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement rather than drag the case through years of litigation and complicated court proceedings, then it is probably worth consulting with an expert witness. Often, the knowledge that an expert professional will be testifying in court is enough to convince the other party to settle the case.

Expert Witnesses help either side of the case. The common perception is that only defense legal teams choose to work with expert witness testimony. This is a misconception. Both defense and plaintiff legal teams should be aware of the benefits of an expert is able to provide. An expert professional can make the facts speak more clearly which is a strong argument for using Lee Tabas as an expert witness.

To see examples and summaries of cases where Lee Tabas provided expert testimony in banking-related cases, please refer to Expert Witness Case Summaries page, Click Here.

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Lee Tabas of TABASFUNDING has experience as an expert witness in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.