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President’s 2025 Budget

I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.  The budget gets negotiated, I suppose, but Biden always said that he wanted to increase taxes on only the billionaires and big companies. Some of these changes, such as capping the annual gifting amount per donor to $50K , raising corporate income tax to 28% from 21%, and increasing the excise tax on stock repurchases from 1% to 4% would affect lots of others. Here is what the White House says that the budget does:,the%20wealthy%20and%20corporations%20pay%20their%20fair%20share.

Everyone in the corporate world these days seems to be talking about how AI will revolutionize industries and allow them to operate with fewer employees.  Reading the White House press release, the budget seems to be the solution to all problems. There’s not a mention of benefits of AI and possible efficiencies allowing more to be done with less employees.  The budget seems like a cliché, more taxes and spend more.


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