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Is Deposit Insurance a Moral Hazard?

The FDIC came out with an interesting (at least to me, an ex-banker) study entitled: “Options for Deposit Insurance Reform”. Most of us haven’t thought too much about banks failing and deposit insurance for the last couple of years, that…

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Who Else Owns Long Term Treasuries? Further Thoughts.

Long-term bond purchases and the subsequent increase in interest rates short- circuited Silicon Valley Bank. Who else might have bought them? In a report (March 2020) by the Congressional Budget Office, treasury bonds (the long-term ones) represented 14% of the…

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Entrepreneurship in New Mexico

We may not have the biggest country geographically, but the diversity of our citizens is second to none. Nancy and I recently visited New Mexico. Mexican heritage is strong- a large percentage of the population speaks Spanish in addition to…

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The Importance of PR for Small Businesses

In December, there was a horrible accident- two people driving at the edge of a steep canyon in a Hyundai Elantra, hit gravel, lost traction, and plunged over a 300-foot cliff.  Miraculously, the people survived without major injuries. Cloe Fields,…

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Where Have All the Seminars Gone?

Every year in the last quarter of the old year/first quarter of the new year, I receive invitations from banks and brokerage firms to seminars about where the economy is headed. This has happened through COVID, virtually of course, as…

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