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Spring 2024 I recently started receiving emails from Senator Bob Casey about his “Greedflation” campaign. The campaign started in 2020 and continues.  The premise is that companies increasing prices for products more than inflation and/ or cutting product size are…

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

I recently went to see Bob Dylan on his Rough and Rowdy tour. Sadly, he didn’t play the old songs such as “Times”.  He’s changed. A lot of my career was spent in banking.  I always thought that banks would…

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Chevrolet Commercials

For a long time now, I have thought that Chevy should revive the “See the USA in your Chevrolet” with 1950’s theme song by Dinah Shore. They ought to use the music, with an updated video but they haven’t done…

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Advice for Underconfident Students, and Others

Much of this “Advice for Underconfident Students” works no matter what age you are, or whatever your journey. Enjoy - Lee Here’s my advice for today’s underconfident students - first generation or not – whether they are a parent, teacher,…

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Is Deposit Insurance a Moral Hazard?

The FDIC came out with an interesting (at least to me, an ex-banker) study entitled: “Options for Deposit Insurance Reform”. Most of us haven’t thought too much about banks failing and deposit insurance for the last couple of years, that…

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Who Else Owns Long Term Treasuries? Further Thoughts.

Long-term bond purchases and the subsequent increase in interest rates short- circuited Silicon Valley Bank. Who else might have bought them? In a report (March 2020) by the Congressional Budget Office, treasury bonds (the long-term ones) represented 14% of the…

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