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The Album, a short story by Lee Tabas

On a crisp Sunday in late October, I fished in Valley ForgeNationalHistoricalPark.    In the fall, when it rains, sometimes the biggest trout migrate to spawn.  Battling against the swollen currents allows them to move upstream over rock ledges and shallow…

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Simple Stupid

 Most people have loads of passwords, and are paranoid about cybercrime, malware, phony eastern European credit card charges and other schemes. These are certainly concerns, but let’s get a bit more low-tech.  Recently, I was contacted about serving as an…

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What is the Value of an Idea?

My wife Nancy and I have been discussing and debating Facebook’s proposed acquisition of What’sApp.  Facebook has agreed to acquire What’sApp, an instant messaging service for $16 billion of mostly stock.   Facebook and What’sApp remind me of the wildly popular…

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My Vietnamese Grandfather – Winter 2013

In November, Nancy and I took a “bucket list” trip.  Nancy wanted to visit Vietnam. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but I was curious as to what had changed since I was a teenager and 500,000 US soldiers served…

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