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New York City Visit

Nancy and I wanted to reward ourselves - we received both of our COVID shots, so we planned an overnight in New York City.  The secondary purpose of our visit was to see how the city looked.  We had not…

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The Future of Work

COVID-19 has accelerated some trends. One is the move away from in-person purchases, favoring delivery. I don’t like it; I try to buy from stores as much as I can, but it is pretty clear that the future of retail…

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Customer Service

We have a vacation condo in Vermont that we started visiting again. We subscribe to Xfinity (Comcast) for telephone, TV, and internet. The Triple Play package had been running $79.99 per month. In July, that went to $105 per month-…

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Bring Back the Savings Account

When I was a kid, my father preached the magic of saving and compound interest. “Saving is earning”, he used to say. I saved part of my allowance, along with money that I earned, and opened a savings account at…

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Goodbye, Fat City

This cartoon used to hang in my office when I was in banking, and it's hanging in my office now at TABASFUNDING.  I don’t think the banks are the ones at risk this time, but other businesses are. Humor couldn't…

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Information Grab

Our cell phone bill seemed expensive.  I wondered if there was a more reasonable plan that would suit our needs, so I called ATT, our service provider.  The person was friendly, and asked for my password. I gave what I…

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