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School Daze

At TABASFUNDING, we don’t make student loans.  Our funding is strictly for expansion or acquisition of businesses.  In the course of looking at those, however, we do review borrower’s financials.  One recent husband and wife whose financials we reviewed have…

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Free Stuff

Nancy and I are generally fascinated by offerings for free stuff that come in, usually real estate or timeshare sales.  They promise a free gift in exchange for 90 minutes of your time.  We’ve gotten golf clubs, bargain overnights in…

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Puerto Rico Takes a Hit to the Head

Nancy and I own Puerto Rico bonds, which have been in the news a lot recently. Some bonds are in default, and other payments are due which Puerto Rico says it will not be able to make. For a reason…

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Peer to Peer Online Lending

Much money has been thrown into online lending. Some have described it as the financial “Uber”; trying for financial disintermediation in the staid banking industry. One goes online to one of many sites, fills out an application, and by the…

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Economics of Big Towns vs. Little Towns

Some of you know that we have a vacation place in Vermont, and try to spend time there.  When the weather permits, we do outside activities. When it rains, we try to find things to occupy us.  Time passes slowly…

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Gift Tax and Political Agendas

Often parents if they are able, give money to their children.  Anyone can give up to $14,000 to another person annually without triggering the “gift tax”. If money is subject to gift tax, something like 40% of the eligible amount…

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Travel and Immigrants

Nancy and I made a couple of trips south this year to break up the winter. We visited South Florida in January and South Carolina in February. We haven’t spent much time in recent years in South Florida. The economics…

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The Album, a short story by Lee Tabas

On a crisp Sunday in late October, I fished in Valley ForgeNationalHistoricalPark.    In the fall, when it rains, sometimes the biggest trout migrate to spawn.  Battling against the swollen currents allows them to move upstream over rock ledges and shallow…

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