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Old Hotels

Nancy and I love staying at elegant old hotels, built in scenic out-of-the-way locations, where the destination is the objective.  Some examples are the Grand Hotel, built on an island in Lake Huron, and the Balsams Hotel, pressed against Canada…

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Banks and Fiduciary Duty

Does a Bank Have Any Responsibility for Making Loans Ending in Default? The economy is good now, but business doesn’t stay great forever. In a year or three, there will be a downturn, and a trail of bad bank loans…

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In December, I attended a groundbreaking for the first LGBTQ friendly affordable housing in Pennsylvania. The new residences will be built near 8th and Girard. Girard Medical Center seemed to be most of what is going on in that area.…

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When I was a teen, my father and uncle owned Downingtown Inn and Country Club, a resort hotel in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. My father was the COO, while my uncle was the CFO in the back office. The hotel featured all…

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The Boat Show

My brother Robert and I own an antique boat, a 1947 Ventnor that belonged to our father. We had the boat restored over 8 years, and began to use it in 2013. The Ventnor mostly stays on a trailer in…

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That Smells Like Money to Me

We’ve had two longtime friends pass recently, Carl Cousins, DVM and Clint Campbell. “Doc” Cousins was the proprietor of Haverford Animal Hospital for many years. I knew him as a kind man and a capable Veterinarian. I did not realize…

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School Daze

At TABASFUNDING, we don’t make student loans.  Our funding is strictly for expansion or acquisition of businesses.  In the course of looking at those, however, we do review borrower’s financials.  One recent husband and wife whose financials we reviewed have…

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Free Stuff

Nancy and I are generally fascinated by offerings for free stuff that come in, usually real estate or timeshare sales.  They promise a free gift in exchange for 90 minutes of your time.  We’ve gotten golf clubs, bargain overnights in…

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Puerto Rico Takes a Hit to the Head

Nancy and I own Puerto Rico bonds, which have been in the news a lot recently. Some bonds are in default, and other payments are due which Puerto Rico says it will not be able to make. For a reason…

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