Types of Business Loans

TABASFUNDING loans businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware the capital they need to grow and expand. There are any number of reasons a business may want a loan, and there are also many different types of to match those many needs. Here is a list of the various loans we provide to clients who are moving their business to the next level.

Types of Business Loans a Venture Capital Funding Company Will Consider

This page indexes the types of loans TABASFUNDING provides to growing businesses. Click any of the links to learn more about each loan. CLICK HERE for instant access to our simple One-Minute Application.

Working Capital Loans

A working capital loan is primarily used for financing inventory and accounts receivable….(read more about Working Capital Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Expansion / Acquisition Loans

A business that is expanding or acquiring another business needs funding….(read more about Expansion and Acquisition Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Venture Capital Loans

Venture Capital funding is generally where money is advanced to finance early stage businesses with strong growth potential….(read more about Venture Capital Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Professional Loans

We would consider a professional someone who has specific education, and has to be approved by a supervisory body. This includes doctors, lawyers, and others….(read more about Professional Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Franchise Loans

The decision and terms of our loan making to franchisees is not driven by collateral coverage alone. We will take what collateral is available, but that is a secondary consideration….(read more about Franchise Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Child Care Center Loans

Child Care Centers are a particularly satisfying type of funding to provide. There is a “triple bottom line”….(read more about Loans for Child Care Centers, CLICK HERE.)

Manufacturing Loans

There is a general consensus that most of Americans would like again to see more product manufactured in the United States. Manufacturing is a complex business  and [principals need to be totally on top of all aspects, including raw materials, labor, research and development, and efficiency.  We have deep experience lending in the manufacturing sector….(read more about Manufacturing Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Hospitality and Restaurant Loans

As most business people know, things usually cost more than expected. Our loans often have an interest only period while the operation develops (read more about Hospitality and Restaurant Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Construction Loans

Because construction loans are expensive to administer, most banks are uninterested in loaning on smaller jobs under $1 million. This is where a private investor like Tabasfunding comes through for contractors….(read more about Construction Loans, CLICK HERE.)

Real Estate Acquisition and Rehab Loans; Purchase of Privately Held Mortgages and Loans

We provide funding for acquisition and rehab of real estate. Unlike mortgages, these loans are specifically designed to be short-term….(read more about Real Estate Acquisition and Rehab Loans, CLICK HERE).

Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans would be most appropriate for businesses that have a growth potential in excess of the general economy….(read more about Mezzanine Loans, CLICK HERE.)